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Marinas are more than docks; they’re grand maritime statements. With Six Marine, these statements blend purpose, beauty, and advanced engineering seamlessly.

Marinas: Tailoring Dreams to Reality

Prime Craftsmanship: Using top marine-grade materials, our Marinas promise endurance against time and tide.

Seamless Access: Beyond docking, our Marinas offer a direct passage to the Arabian Gulf’s serene waters, enhancing seafront commercial properties.

Space Mastery: Each Marina champions optimal space utilization, balancing practicality with elegance, suitable for every scale and vision.

End-to-End Services for A Lasting Marina

Design Precision: Alongside MMC Engineering, our expert marine architects transform concepts into concrete designs with keen attention to every detail.

Dedicated Maintenance: As seas evolve, so does our maintenance commitment. With MMC Engineering’s proficiency, we ensure your Marina’s perennial brilliance.

Anchoring Adaptability: From traditional mooring to advanced options like Seaflex,

Our Process

1. Site Inspection

Our seasoned engineers conduct meticulous site assessments to comprehend the unique needs and nuances of the location. This foundation ensures a jetty that*s both functional and fitting.

2. Planning & Design

Balancing the aspirations of our clients with the demands of the location, our design phase ensures that each jetty is an embodiment of personal preferences melded with ideal configurations for the specific water type.

3. Installation & Balancing

With a promise of minimal disruption, our team ensures efficient, clean, and swift installations. Whether you*re at home or away, we uphold the integrity of your space, ensuring a seamless integration of the new structure.

4. Sustained Care

Beyond installation, our commitment extends to the longevity of your jetty. From warranty coverages to service contracts, we stand by our creations, ensuring they remain in prime condition, year after year.

We are here to help

Should you have any inquiries, require a quotation, or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.