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arenSitra, Kingdom Of Bahrain

Floating Structures

Delve into a realm where luxury floats. Our structures, from villas to restaurants, aren’t just stationed on the water – they epitomize the harmonious blend of opulence, innovation, and the maritime spirit. These aren’t mere constructions; they’re moving dreams-capes, culinary marvels, and productivity horizons set amidst the everchanging embrace of the waves.

Floating Villas

Experience luxury that drifts on water. Our Floating Villas are not just homes but moving dreams-capes set amidst the gentle embrace of waves, offering everchanging coastal vistas.

Main Features

Mobility: Designed for easy relocation and adjustment to new settings.
Customization: Crafted to meet specific maritime aspirations.

Floating Restaurants

Redefine dining with our maritime culinary crafts. These operational restaurants extend beyond shores, offering entrepreneurs an unparalleled dining atmosphere.

Main Features

Marine Dining: Experience gastronomy on water, away from the ordinary.
Fully Equipped: Ready-to-serve with complete kitchen and seating arrangements.

Floating Offices

Expand your workspace into the blue horizon. Our floating offices transform vast seascapes into hubs of creativity and productivity.

Main Features

Seascape Workspace: Offering unparalleled work settings amidst the sea.
Flexible Locations: Easily adaptable to different marine surroundings.

Our Process

1. Site Inspection

Our seasoned engineers conduct meticulous site assessments to comprehend the unique needs and nuances of the location. This foundation ensures a jetty that*s both functional and fitting.

2. Planning & Design

Balancing the aspirations of our clients with the demands of the location, our design phase ensures that each jetty is an embodiment of personal preferences melded with ideal configurations for the specific water type.

3. Installation & Balancing

With a promise of minimal disruption, our team ensures efficient, clean, and swift installations. Whether you*re at home or away, we uphold the integrity of your space, ensuring a seamless integration of the new structure.

4. Sustained Care

Beyond installation, our commitment extends to the longevity of your jetty. From warranty coverages to service contracts, we stand by our creations, ensuring they remain in prime condition, year after year.

We are here to help

Should you have any inquiries, require a quotation, or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.